Payment & Security

Here at Paper Space, we really do value our customers; we appreciate your business and are committed to making your shopping experience positive, simple, and stress-free.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns after reviewing our Terms and Conditions, feel free to contact us.

Please note that by placing an order with PaperSpace, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions relating to both Returns & Refunds and Payment & Security.

Buyer’s Obligations

You agree to deal with us in good faith and in compliance with all applicable laws. We may cancel orders where we consider that you have not dealt with us in good faith or have otherwise breached applicable laws, even if the order has been confirmed and a credit card charged. If your credit card is charged for the purchase and we cancel the order, we will notify you and credit your credit card account for the amount charged, less delivery charges and applicable taxes and duties, at our discretion

Customers acknowledge that any uploaded images are processed automatically by an automated process. There are no manual controls, checks or corrections made by PaperSpace. As such, when a customer uploads a file or image, they confirm that they approve it for printing as it is, and take full responsibility for any low-resolution images which create a blurry, pixelated or otherwise not optimum end result.

In addition, customers guarantee that any and all images, files and other materials uploaded to the PaperSpace site, and used for printing purposes, do not contravene any laws (such as copyright, trademark and any other IP protection laws) or infringe on the personal rights of any other people or third parties.

PaperSpace’s Obligations

PaperSpace confirms that all original files, images and documents provided by customers in order to fulfil orders will not be returned to the client. However, all these files will be destroyed once the contract of sale has been fulfilled.

Original files, images and documents will only be returned to the customer by PaperSpace on express request by a customer.

Payment Methods

PaperSpace accepts payment by direct bank transfer and credit card (Visa and MasterCard only). Credit card details are processed using at least SSL 128 bit encryption, through the payment gateway Eway, and are not stored by us.

Payment Terms

The purchase price for PaperSpace products is due immediately. Orders will not be placed or processed without payment having been made.

All prices are provided in Australian dollars (A$) and include GST.

Individual shipping and delivery costs will be added to the total order price on checkout. If any additional shipping charges are required once the order is finalised, these will be confirmed with each individual client.

Further Information

For further information about payment and security, please feel free to contact our friendly team via: