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  • Green Mandala

    Wall Dimensions
    Printed Material
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    Ordering your custom wallpaper couldn't be easier! Simply:

    1. Select the style that you want to convert into a poster or custom wallpaper.
    2. Set the size in the relevant boxes, if a custom size.
    3. Set the material type to ‘wallpaper'.
    4. Confirm whether or you want to install your wallpaper yourself, or request an installation quote.
    5. Select a shipping option and make payment.
    6. ‘Artwork Uploads’ page will appear, upload your image and please include invoice number on invoice in the description box.

    That's all there is to it! You’ll have your poster or your wallpaper in a few days, depending on transport.

    Further Information

    For more info or to check if an image you like is suitable for print, contact our friendly team via:
    T: 0412 876 881
    A: 4/19 Norman Street, Peakhurst, NSW